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from Turning Plow Press

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As I Pirouette Away

poems by Julie Chappell

Julie Chappell finds her poems in “the stillness of waiting” while “listening to sounds of nature” for “the voices of time.” And she’s a damn good listener! She’s got an ear to an astonishing array of interests:  family and farm, Baudelaire, scorpions, a Carthusian monastery, Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze, lizards that grow new tails, Chaucer, Eliot, sewing baskets, and Paris.  Chappell’s pirouette of poems is rich with the simultaneous wonders of past, present, and future made known to us from her stillness of waiting.

                                               Paul Austin, author of Notes on Hard Time


This book is full of motion. Julie Chappell’s keen eye catches life’s little dramas occurring all around her solitude. Then, with intelligence and poetic composure, she turns inward, welcoming us into her memories – her courageous scrutiny of self and society confirming a sense of human decency.


                                                  Ken Hada, author of Sunlight & Cedar

New Release
from Turning Plow Press

Contour Feathers

poems by
Ken Hada

    ~Ken Hada’s deeply wondrous collection of poems Contour Feathers is a practice in worship filled with luminous heart questioning, “humble boyhood wonder,” and at times the somber reflection of a man searching within himself to find his own truth, and the truths of the greater world. “Like the constant glow of a moon forever silent all around us,” Hada’s poems are persistent, are eternal in their longing, and in their ache. He speaks like a brother of the woods, an Ozark, prairie mystic who prophets that mysticism is “a phenomenon that invokes enchantment, pure in its simple complexity,” who wants the honest beauty of the natural world to quell his inner waves, and soothe pandemic, political, and pseudo-religious frustrations; “their piety – false as ditch water floating with cow shit after rain.” Ken’s mellow true voice echoes through the hearts of trees and bounces off the shoulders of birds. Contour Feathers made me feel “at home with the planet, at home with the honeybees, with the whales, the songbirds…the moon and the stars, the dust, to which we all return.” 

~Kai Coggin

author of Mining for Stardust, Incandescent, and Wingspan

  ~The poems in Ken Hada’s Contour Feathers seem effortless, but they are effortless in the way a lilac flowering is effortless, or goodness in John Lewis is effortless, or the way the work of a nuthatch is effortless. Grounded in vision and rooted in the mystical, Hada’s works are translations of the miraculous all around us. I find myself here in the company of Rilke, Basho, Clifton, Rumi.

~Darrell Bourque

   Louisiana Poet Laureate 2007-2011