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Spontaneous Behavior
The Art and Craft of Acting

by Paul Austin


“After decades of teaching acting with his unique and successful emphasis on layers of preparation at the same time as he emphasizes freedom of the moment, Paul Austin has gathered his teaching into a comprehensive why-to, how-to, what-to-do.  At some early point while reading Spontaneous Behavior, you will experience what his students like myself felt and would carry within them going forward.  Pursuing acting can be a conduit to resources inside yourself that will draw you deeper into the guidance of good literature and the joy of discovering the layered nuances of behavior.”      

                                                                                    --Bill Pullman

“As insightful and inspiring as it is practical, Paul Austin’s Spontaneous Behavior should be required reading for any actor interested in creating a character, shaping a performance and navigating a dramatic text. But don’t be fooled, Spontaneous Behavior isn’t just for actors. It’s also an invaluable resource for artists and storyteller of all stripes - playwrights, educators, directors and anyone else hoping to create, interpret or embody authentic and dimensional characters. Paul Austin looks at the art and craft of acting from several different angles, integrating and articulating everything he’s learned in a way that’s both accessible and illuminating to anyone lucky enough to read his wondrous book.”

                                                --David Lindsay-Abaire, playwright, Pulitzer Prize for Rabbit Hole


“A unique exploration of the craft of acting with creative exercises that guide the actor from preparation to performance. A must for the dedicated actor.”


                                                                                  --Rob Decina, VP Casting, NY, CBS Studios    



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Ten Acres of the Universe


by Paul Bowers

In the first poem of Ten Acres of the Universe, Paul Bowers shows he can wrap an event as timeless and familiar as spring plowing in words and images as fresh and unanticipated as spring’s surprising renewals. Elsewhere, he points out “stars and galaxies … heading home at dawn, / the dying glow of their headlights / disappearing over the farthest hilltop of the Milky Way” and we find ourselves both safe at home and feeling we have traveled to the far reaches of the heavens. Arranged in four chapters, the seasons from spring through winter, these poems capture the universality of the passage of our collective years, the patterns of hours and skies and everyday encounters that make up our days; they are like string reminders tied around your heart that will bring back moments from your own life, vivid and alive, some quietly peaceful, some devastatingly poignant. This is a book I will keep close and read often; I suspect you will want to do so as well.

                        --Roy Beckemeyer, author of Mouth Brimming Over

Contour Feathers
poems by
Ken Hada

Winner of the 2022 Oklahoma Book Award for Poetry

    ~Ken Hada’s deeply wondrous collection of poems Contour Feathers is a practice in worship filled with luminous heart questioning, “humble boyhood wonder,” and at times the somber reflection of a man searching within himself to find his own truth, and the truths of the greater world. “Like the constant glow of a moon forever silent all around us,” Hada’s poems are persistent, are eternal in their longing, and in their ache. He speaks like a brother of the woods, an Ozark, prairie mystic who prophets that mysticism is “a phenomenon that invokes enchantment, pure in its simple complexity,” who wants the honest beauty of the natural world to quell his inner waves, and soothe pandemic, political, and pseudo-religious frustrations; “their piety – false as ditch water floating with cow shit after rain.” Ken’s mellow true voice echoes through the hearts of trees and bounces off the shoulders of birds. Contour Feathers made me feel “at home with the planet, at home with the honeybees, with the whales, the songbirds…the moon and the stars, the dust, to which we all return.” 

~Kai Coggin

author of Mining for Stardust, Incandescent, and Wingspan

  ~The poems in Ken Hada’s Contour Feathers seem effortless, but they are effortless in the way a lilac flowering is effortless, or goodness in John Lewis is effortless, or the way the work of a nuthatch is effortless. Grounded in vision and rooted in the mystical, Hada’s works are translations of the miraculous all around us. I find myself here in the company of Rilke, Basho, Clifton, Rumi.

~Darrell Bourque

   Louisiana Poet Laureate 2007-2011

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